Installation Info

l . Fitment of Cornice

  • Prior to fitting cornices to wall ensure the surface is clean. Draw a horizontal line around the room at installation position using a chalk line – do not use ceiling as a guide as it might not always be level.
  • Apply sufficient cornice adhesive along the entire length of the back edges as well as the edges of the cornice where it will meet the wall and ceiling. Sufficient adhesive will prevent using the chalk line drawn as a guide, push cornice firmly into place. You will have approximately 2 minutes to adjust cornice into position before adhesive dries .
  • When Joining profiles, always leave a 2-3mm gap filled with adhesive. This acts as an expansion Joint and prevents cracking on joints. Panel pins can be used to secure joints should support be required while the adhesive dries.
  • After applying and adjusting cornice remove excess adhesive with a damp sponge. This will give neat and tidy finish. When removing excess. remember to rinse sponge to ensure a neat finish throughout.
  • Joints can be sanded down to get the perfect finish.

2. Adhesive

  • Only use an acrylic based cornice adhesive when installing cornice. We recommend using the adhesive supplied by Styrene Cornices as it has been tested and proven to be the best for our range.

3. Painting

  • Any water based or acrylic based paints can be used to paint cornice directly.
    If it becomes necessary to use a solvent based paint. ensure to apply 2 coats of PVA and allow to dry completely before solvent-based paint is applied.
  • In case of any uncertainly, experiment with a piece of waste cornice first.